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Company Profile

We provide funding support for projects through innovative means. Under instructions, we intervene on behalf of others to engineer a reasonable solution to enable project funding.


What binds our diverse approach together is a shared set of values upon which a reputation of being reliable is built. Our accumulated resource of over three generations ensures our leverage to raise the capital to fund our various businesses.

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Tinge Group Ltd., is a UK based company that provides households and commercial organisations with environmental management and property maintenance services.


During the Covid pandemic in 2020, Tinge Group launched Keeping Our Community Clean & Green initiative that provides customers with cost discount offers to alleviate waste disposal difficulties around the London Borough areas.


Tinge Group prioritise the using locally based community workforce in providing its services.

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Warrius media brand that creates platforms to search, harness and showcase abundant talents in our diverse communities in Nigeria. Warrius is inspired by the 'never-give-up' attitude and the 'we nor-go-carry-last' mentality emanating from Warri. This attitude is the "warriors" mentality, a trait found in most upcoming and successful entertainers. 

On 13th of March 2015, Warrius Music Search was launched to showcase raw and diverse upcoming artistes in collaboration with Performing Musicians Associations of Nigeria (PMAN). The first edition winner was Viper (known as Victor AD). 

DRTV News Clip of Warri'us 2015 Finals - YouTube

Autoserve is a lifestyle hospitality brand that caters for leisure and convenience to commuters, travelers and urban dwellers. Autoserve is currently located at the heart of Warri metropolis. 


Our list of services are; African / Continental Restaurant, Lodging / Accommodation, Bar / Lounge, Salon Spa, Carwash and Laundry. As a cashless zone, Autoserve promotes the use of both local and international PoS terminals for payments. 

Autoserve Warri was where Warrius Music Search was originated from.

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